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Rivitalising an icon

In close collaboration with Bruce Mau Design, Kontrapunkt turned an iconic logo into a broad typeface. Together, we created a unique brand typeface for ASICS Tiger to use worldwide.

Bruce Mau DesignとのコラボレーションによるASICS Tigerブランドタイプフェイス。アイコニックな既存ロゴを拡張したこのタイプフェイスは世界へ展開され、ブランドに更なる活気とエネルギーを与える要素となった。

Confidence / Youth / Tech / Curiosity

Reflecting the uniqueness and confidence of the brand, the Vivo typeface secures consistency in communication globally across all platforms. The typeface references the Vivo logo of which the characteristics are youth and technology.


Natural perfection

The typeface, designed for noma, is organic and rooted in the rugged Scandinavian nature. It is soft and rounded but has an uneven and earthly feel to it. The letters are drawn by hand, creating organic shapes and breaking traditional conventions about typography being perfectly aligned.


Awakening cultural heritage to new beginnings

For the Shiseido Innovation Center, we created a fitting bespoke typeface with sparks. The typeface has a range of alternate characters which can carefully, but seemingly randomly, be used to provoke sparks in writing. It is energetic and encompasses innovation and creativity, just like the innovation centre itself.

資生堂グローバルイノベーションセンター <S/PARK>のためのタイプフェイス。革新性と創造性を持ち合わせた同センターを体現したこのタイプフェイスは、エネルギーに溢れたモダンで未来志向のデザインである一方、資生堂書体を代表とするSHISEIDOの伝統にもしっかりと根付いている。

Delicate writing

The reference point for creating a new custom typeface, was building on the heritage and reputation of Tasaki and guiding it towards a more youthful identity and expression. The bespoke typeface is elegant and balances soft, delicate brushes at the end of each letter.


In the hands of nature

The bespoke typeface, for The Rescape, is the erosion of a typeface. The letters start off bold and robust, becoming smoother and more rounded as time passes. It is a typeface which develops and changes appearance – just like natural elements left in the sea.


Building recognition

The Carlsberg Slab typeface has made it possible for Carlsberg to type with their logo. Since the typeface saw the light of day, recognition has risen to a level which allows Carlsberg to brand itself by merely using the typeface itself.


A modern homage to Danish design legacy

The typeface combines Danish type tradition with innovation and is a loud voice that promotes the power of design. The result is a visual identity based around the unique chunky and sculptural typeface, ‘Danish’ and a simple graphical universe.